Speech of the chairman :

- The company is honored to present clear true vision about the concerned and serious establishments in vestment opportunity in Egypt .

- The company is looking for ward to present opportunity serving developing the relations and giving light generally on the investment which achieves development and welfave.

- The true challenge is to continue in this success and excellence and this will not come except through exerting more efforts.

- Our task and mission are summarized in finding continuous growth and achieving excellent profits for our shareholders and clients and to achieve this we invest in the best industrial efficiencies through employing the best human factors and using the most modern technologies and taking the best work styles to achieve our mission and aims and the clients and their hopes are in the front of our strategy.


Eng / Shabban Mahmoud Mousa


A summary of the company

New tech company for forming metals and manufacturing water traps S. A .A is one of the biggest companies in manufacturing and forming metals.

And this is represented in the following :

    * Fabrication of water mixers and water traps .
    * Fabrication of Feryon distributors, Kilcotorat and all special parts by fan coil and central equipments ( cylinders , Ixat , pressing hoses – etc.)
    * For the companies of conditioning and cooling.
    * Fabrication of all kinds of copper (red , yellow , Aluminum) with all its forms which enter in fabrication of electric transformer for the companies of electricity transformers .
    * Fabrication of automatic casting for others ( yellow copper, aluminum , Zama ) on die casting machine .
    * Fabrication of parts for car factories ( hinges – arms – pressing hoses and others.
    * Fabrication of all metal processed things for the requirements of other factories according to the needs of every factory.
    * Fabrication of all kinds of forms for every part needed to be fabricated.
    * Fabrication of all traps special for sanitary tools with all its kinds.
    * Scavenging all kinds of pipes .
    * Fabrication of all kinds of spare parts of machines and the productive lines of the factories.
    * Forming and hammering copper on the hot and ordinary casting with forming or without .
    * Metals forming with all their kinds on machines ( C N C ) ( Filing , Ispark – injection – forming  by leser )


Some components of air conditioning companies
Some components of corporate power transformers
Some components of the transport companies
Mixers and water valves
Other tasks